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About Us

Locally owned - Veteran owned - Female owned

Brushfire has been open since 2009 in the Denham Springs area in the downtown Antique and Arts Village.

Woman Painting Pottery

Our Story

Brushfire has been in downtown Denham Springs since 2010. We are the 3rd owners of Brushfire and have owned it since 2016. We purchased the business two months before the great flood. We were so blessed and did not flood. We have been growing ever since.

Pottery and ceramic painting has been around for many generations. One of our grandmothers painted pottery when we were younger.  One of us took pottery in high school and now our nieces and nephews and child is learning the art of painting. It's a tradition to that carries on for generations and is making a come back. 

We purchased the business because we love art and have always been artist in some way or another. We have repainted furniture, up-cycled old items and repurposed them, we've designed jewelry, painted canvas and anything artsy we can get our hands on. 

We believe art is so important for children of all ages and adults as well. It is important for children to express themselves in art and know that there is no wrong or right way. It helps them understand that nothing is perfect and it's their own creation. For adults, painting is very relaxing and can help calm the soul. It's a great way to bond with children and family without distractions. 

Our team of artist help get you started and can help in any way. We offer parties, classes and walk in painting for children and adults of all ages. Our website offers online party booking, request and registration for classes. We also have a online store for to-go kits to paint at home. 

We pre-sketch all of our canvas, which makes it easier to paint. 


Meet The Team

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